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THM analyzer for affordable onsite total THM monitoring

THM Analyzer Specifications

Total THM Concentration: 10 to 200 ppb

RSD: ±10% (approx. ±5 ppb)

Run Time: <1 hour

Reagents: Reagent A + Reagent B + DI Water

Size: 20 in x 12 in x 11 in (l x w x h)

Weight: 29.9 lbs

Sample Prep: Fill vial with water sample

Skill Level: No specialized skills required

THM-Meter Analyzer

Check out the Demo & Use Cases

Brief Intro & Demo

Check out this brief video that shows really how easy the THM-Meter is to operate.

ROI PDF Screenshot.png

Examples & Use Cases

Download this info sheet that shows some use cases of the THM-Meter and how it can potentially help you!

Product Features

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