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Custom Instrumentation

Our product line is built around "making hard measurements easy." Foundation Instruments founder's include two Ph.D. analytical chemists and the company was created on the premise to automate and simplify difficult measurements.  Our expertise spans all facets of analytical chemistry and can impact any industry where analytical measurements are important, including industrial processes, biomedical / biochemical assays, food/beverage labs, to name a few. Do you have a method that is difficult, costly, not reproducible, or labor intensive...I bet you do!  It never hurts to ask and see if we can help.  

Detector enclosure housing
Proprietary instrument enclosure
Custom valve holder
3D Printed sensor housing

Summary of Capabilities

  • Method Development & Validation

  • Method Automation 

  • Instrument Prototyping

  • Software / User Interface (GUI)

  • Integrated Machine Learning / AI

  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

  • Big Data / Cloud Computing

  • Web interface

Send us a note and see how we can help you make your hard measurement easy! 

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