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3D Printing Services

Foundation Instruments continues to stay at the forefront of 3D printing technologies and capabilities. 3D printing has been a major component of our success in developing new, economical products for our customer base. Our experience coupled with our 3D printing capabilities provides the perfect recipe to help you achieve your new product development goals.  We can be your trusted partner whether only a print job or part of a complete new product development effort. 

Angle Steps
Detector housing 3D printed
3D printer head
3D printed frame
3D printed items
3D Printed tower
Custom detector housing
3D printed wrench

Summary of Capabilities

  • Composite / Polymer 3D Printing

  • Engineering / Prototyping Services

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical/Computer

  • Software/Web

  • Product Development

  • Production / Manufacturing

  • Business Development

  • Production Partner Sourcing

  • Sales Consulting

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