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Introducing the

THM-Meter. THM analyzer, Total THMs, THMs

Low cost of ownership & operation
Small footprint for use in lab, office, or shop
Total THM analyzer provides results in under 1 hour
Easy to use - Click and run
THM process optimization, routine distribution testing, flushing

Foundation Instruments, Inc is rooted in drinking water disinfection by-product (DBP) analysis and is committed to developing affordable analytical instrumentation helping utilities establish real-time monitoring programs to optimize treatment practices, save money, comply with regulations, and provide high quality drinking water to their customers.

Drinking water analyzers, custom instrumentation, THM analyzers

Disinfection By-Product
Water Analysis

We have developed fully-automated chemical analyzers to determine trihalomethane (THM) and haloacetic acid (HAA) concentrations in drinking water and industrial applications.  Click here to learn more about the technology that can help keep you in compliance and potentially reduce operational costs.

Custom instrumentation, 3D printing, engineering design, chemical testing

Instrumentation & Automation

We offer custom analytical instrumentation solutions to help companies improve measurement reliability, increase throughput, and make hard measurements easy!. Click here to learn more about our offerings.

3D printing services, design, modeling, mechanical, electrical engineering

3D Printing & Product Development

Let us help you turn your idea into reality. We provide 3D printing services and can help with design, prototype printing, and scale up.  Click here to learn how we can help bring your new product or idea to market! 

Foundation Instruments, Inc is your technology partner with a shared vision focused on developing impactful products to reshape the world. Our diverse expertise spans chemistry, engineering, software / hardware development, and our team has has a track record of bringing new products to market. Let's work together and tackle your next R&D project!

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