The Rapid Response Series for Disinfection By-Product Analysis

Foundation Instruments, Inc. has released two new products and a revision of the THM-RR. Contact us here for a quote!


The first is the Rapid Response-AutoCal (download RR-AutoCal brochure) which is a spin-out product of our National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research (NSF SBIR) Phase II grant. The RR-AutoCal can be used with either the THM Rapid Response system (available now) or the upcoming HAA Rapid Response system (Fall 2018) for automated calibration and grab samples analysis.










The second is the EZ-Pipet (download EZ-Pipet brochure), another spin-out product of our NSF SBIR Phase II grant. The EZ-Pipet minimizes human error associated with standards preparation. It uses a touchscreen interface to automate preparation of standards which can be used with preloaded methods for the THM-RR, HAA-RR, or customized for end-user needs.










THM Rapid Response

Last, a new revision of the THM Rapid Response is being released (download THM-RR brochure). This revision has has a smaller footprint in the laboratory, uses less nitrogen gas, but retains the same outstanding reliability, accuracy, and precision that our customers count on everyday for their individual and Total THM concentration data.