Recent article on THMs measurments, calibrated models, and saving operating expenses

Professors Gary L. Emmert and Paul S. Simone Jr. with co-authors from The University of Memphis and The City of Lebanon (Lebanon, TN) have recently published a manuscript in Beverages that uses the THM Rapid Response system to calibrate empirical models. The calibrated empirical models can predict THMs concentrations to within 2 ppb of the measured THM concentrations up to one year later using common water quality parameters.

The THM-RR system provides a fully-automated, on-line and on-site system for determining individual and Total THMs concentrations to reduce chemical usage and save operating expenses. The THM-RR measurements and calibrated models can be used as parallel tools to improve process control and identify potential issues at the drinking water treatment plant.

Using Automated On-Site Monitoring to Calibrate Empirical Models of Trihalomethanes Concentrations in Drinking Water